Often approached and asked, whether we have collected art for fun or for investment, we always share our passion that good arts are for both and great collectors are able to balance both. Masterpieces not only carry strong aesthetic value, but are also the alternative assets with limited risks and impressive uptrend that can be protective at emergencies.


We have built an outstanding collection of the first generation pioneer artists of Singapore and established masters of the Great China area, such as Chen Wen Hsi, Cheong Soo Pieng, Chu Teh-Chun, Liu Kuo-Sung and Allison Liu to name a few. Through the various collections we have built up and in-depth studies and essential data collected, we act as consultants for major auction houses in Singapore, China (incl. Hong Kong) and Malaysia. In addition, we have curated exhibitions at museums for established artists and spoken at various renowned art forums, universities and banks.


We are the most prestigious art investment company in Asia to provide reliable and stable returns to our investment clients and to safeguard their assets from financial uncertainties. We work with UHNWIs and financial institutions to provide solutions for art collection and wealth management. And here what you would find is not only some collections we built over the years, but also the Asian Art Documentary Archives. 

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