Global Legal Alliance (GLA) Annual Conference held in Hong Kong,  2016.12.5 - 12.7

Lawyers from leading law firms, senior finance professionals from wealth management and important entrepreneurs from 17 countries attended the Conference. Ms. Allison Liu was invited to attend as the only representative from the art society.

全球法律联盟 GLA 2016年会于2016年12月5 - 7日在香港召开。来自欧、美、亚洲和中东地区17个国家的高端商业律师、财富管理界和商界领袖齐聚一堂,是全球首家法律与财经跨界组织,共同探讨目前全球财经领域的新发展与对策。香港保监局主席郑慕思律师今年任GLA主席。刘岱松女士是唯一受邀的艺术界专业人士。

Yeo Hoe Koon Asia Touring Exhibition is open at Museum of Contemporary Arts on 18 Nov 2016


The Art World Forum, St. Regis Singapore, 18 Oct 2016


Officially invited by China government to speak at the Art Forum of the first National Silk Road Dunhuang Cultural Expo, Dunhuang, China, 2016.9.20 - 9.21


Liu Kuo-Sung was honoured "Order of Brilliant Star" in Taiwan for recognition of his lifetime contribution and achievement in art and cultural development, 4 May 2016


“The Art appreciation" Seminar, National University of Singapore, 29 Apr 2016

“艺术鉴赏”讲座,新加坡国立大学, 2016.4.29

Grand Opening of Liu Kuo-Sung's Retrospective, China Art Museum, 23 Apr 2016

中华艺术宫,刘国松“苍穹之韵”大型回顾展开幕 2016.4.23

Alternative Investment Symposium, NTU, 15 Jan 2016

另类资产投资论坛,南洋理工大学, 2016.1.15